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Interesting that Sony still hasn't released any numbers. This may say that allthough current subs are very happy, the total numbers arent high enough to brag about yet.

Microsoft hasn't released Gold subs either. They must be low right!?

The fact that you need it for MP and with 360s emphasis on online proves thats simply not the case. Nice try.  Gold accounts are in constant fluctuation with people adding it, expiring for others without renewing, or even just buying a 3 month Gold card just for a certain one game they gotta play online

PSN + is designed to "trap" you in keeping the service due to the "free" games that you only keep by staying. Live has been around since 2002....PSN Plus has been around for far less. It would make sense to give a progress report. apples and oranges.

WTF is wrong with you and this apples and oranges thing. Every god damn thread you say that shit at least ONCE! LET IT GO. Or at least switch it up. Peaches and Bananas next time.

I said it once with you and once with him. lol your such a fact checker. geez!

FYI I got that habit from Jaytech


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)