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How does the scoring work? 

When the VGChartz numbers come in I will take the percentage your predictions are off from these numbers and turn this into your score. Naturally the person with the lowest score has had the best prediction. In excel the formula for this looks like =MIN(ROUND(ABS(LN(Predicted/Real)*100);0);100). I will have weekly and overall rankings for PS3, X360, Wii, 3DS, Vita, Consoles, Handhelds and Overall. Because the nature of VGChartz is that the numbers get adjusted over time I will declare a winner at the end of this competition in early January and in April after VGChartz has adjusted for console shipments reported in Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft’s Fiscal Year reports. I've limited the maximum score to 100. *'s mean you haven't made a prediction for that console, which will net you the full score of 100 to make things easier for me. 

If you want a copy of my Excel sheet you can send me a personal message with your email adress.

These are the predictions made:

Toddifer was late making predictions and is therefore marked as #