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JazzB1987 said:
Teflon02 said:
Nothing wrong with 60 as long as the games worth it, something like CoD is fine at 60, but if NSMBU is $60, then that's a issue, cause anything over $40 for a side scroller is to much, and that was my problem with the wii NSMB, $64.99 everywhere is complete non-sense, i only have it cause it came with the wii when i rebought a wii for the red thinking mario allstar was in the box :p

So 60 for a game with really bad single player which has just 1 thing that makes it worth buying/ being fun or being difficult   which is strangers you meet online and that actually have nothing to do with the game at all  is okay.
But 60 for a game thats fun and which has fun singleplayer is not? (sure nsmb is not the best game and its boring by now but so is COD  but thats not the point people should rate games individualy and not compared to predecessors or competitions games)

Makes no sense to me.  Seriously   you play against other people   that are not part of the game so how is COD worht more money than 2d Mario?

IMHO people who play games online should get paid because they make other people buy the games (with crappy short singleplayer) so the publisher gets money.  I dont see why the publisher/dev combo is the only one that should get money here because they are clearly not the ones offering the fun etc they just built the infrastructure to have fun and  lay back and get money becauce  you might find cool strangers online to play with tell this your friends that will also buy the game and tell their friend other people not related to activision offer fun online. ...

Okay, what are you talking about now? Did I say anything about a games fun factor or am I talking about what the game offers? I'm no a CoD fanboy or anything but it has Co-op a single player and a multiplayer people play for years. Whether it is all rehashed and reused over and over isn't my point. My point is a game with more things to do is worth more. NSMB series hasn't done anything really with nsmb2 or nsmbu and honestly shouldn't be a expensive game. By your logic NSMBU should be the Same release price as Uncharted 3 was? Am I correct? All i know a typical sidescroller whether mario rayman megaman etc seem overpriced at 60. I'm a BIG Megaman fan, but if they made a new Megaman game that was Megaman X series, and it was 60, i wouldn't buy it till it atleast hit 40. But if it was Megaman Legends 3 on PS3 or something and it was over 20 hours and so on I'd pay 60 for that hands down. It depends on the game. The only sidescroller I can easily pay 60 for is a LBP and thats because its online 4-player and has all kinds of otber things and has millions of stages(over 7 million). Also has different things like racing, top down rpgs, i played a rpg someone entirely made where you buy armor abd so on and its like a hour. So point is, don't flip what i said. I don't care what the fun factor is for the simple reason people have different opinions. Me one of my most anticipated games this year is Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and I see alot of haters, saying its a MK7 clone yet its not like it other then the genre. I loved the first game also. I also think the Sonic the Hedgehog '06 wasn't that bad other then The lack of debugging and i loved silvers gameplay since most hated it.