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Halo 4 DLC: first Spartan Ops season is "longer than Halo 3: ODST"

New Promethean rifle spotted, more "secrets and features" to appear next month

Halo 4's Achievement list dropped yesterday, amid excitement (Hunters!), bafflement ("the Dongblainer"?) and a tiny, tiny helping of dread. The dread's mostly to do with the campaign's eight-mission expanse. Only eight, 343? But there are 15 in Halo 3. Does that mean the single player's only half as long?

Not a bit of it, says studio boss Frank O'Connor. "Number of missions has no bearing on the length of the campaign," he wrote on NeoGAF, via his charming alias "Stinkles". "It's a Halo sized campaign. PLUS [Spartan Ops] etc."

"[Spartan Ops] season alone is longer than [Halo 3: ODST]," David Ellis designer (lybertyboy) chipped in. "Spartan Ops and Campaign are completely separate teams. As Frank mentioned earlier, the main campaign is substantial and will compare favorably with previous entries in the series."

Meanwhile on Halo Waypoint, there's news of impending, erm, news. It's the Penny Arcade Expo in just over a week (kick-off is 31st August), and 343 plans to conquer the show with "even more secrets and features of the weapons, vehicles, gameplay, and characters that you'll see when the Master Chief returns".

One of those new guns could be "the Binary Rifle", pictured, which is rumoured to be a Promethean sniper rifle. And with that, our avalanche of intel is at an end.

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell