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JEMC said:

Already a thread about this game? Wow.

Well, at least your Gomamon pic won't last long

I'm curious about the game. The Witchewr games were based around close combat fights (swords, axes, knifes), but for this game they have to with guns and the likes, so the game will end up being very different.

And having a "smoother introduction into the story and universe of the game than the Witcher games" is very easy, it only needs a proper beginning

@Turkish, you are confusing the whole genre called cyberpunk with an actual board game called Cyberpunk which is the inspiration of this game.

You really hate Gomamon don't you? Well I just found a peice of fan art I just couldn't resist so you should be happy now.

OT: I will be very interested to see how they handle gunplay in the game. Will it be completely dice roll based or if physically aiming will be a big factor in combat. TBH we really know nothing about how it plays if it's an over the shoulder shooter style gameplay making the aiming fully dice roll bassed could be very frustraiting for some people if they are aiming and shooting at people and then bullets flying off at odd angles because your skill is to low. But make it to much of a shooter and the RPG elements may become rather irrelevant in minute to minute combat, outside of just damage output.

But then again for all we know it's a top down tactical game lol. The game will feature other forms of combat than just guns tho, or at least the pen & paper game does from what I have read. 

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