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itsme said:

good job, you will love it. has anyone noticed that even tho the 3ds outsells the vita by about 100,000 units per week, vgchartz has the vita gaining on the 3ds? the vita has been selling like garbage, but vgchartz has it beating the 3ds in total sales over the past few weeks. not on the posted weekly sales but the total system sales. vita has jumped up to 2.5 mil. going up 100,000 at a time, meanwhile, 3ds is going up slower, according to vgchartz' numbers..... 18.2 mil. vgchartz is showing 150,000 per week for 3ds, but it goes up like its selling 50,000. get your stuff straight vg! the 3ds should be going up at least 1 point per week, but its not, even tho vg posts it as such..... add up the numbers and they just dont........add up. soory for the rant.... and no, im no fanboy, i have a ps360 and wii and vita and 3ds. the numbers just seem too off.....