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hatmoza said:
The more people buy their buggy products and support their broken games the less motivated they will be to ever fix them in future releases.

I've been complaining about their broken games for years now.

Unfortunately, I will keep buying and playing their buggy game because nobody else makes an immersive RPG game/world quiet like them. Skyrim was so great that I re-start after 100+ hours invested in current game when I had major quest bug.

It made me very upset that they have such bugs and even more upset that they had much bigger problems than mine to fix on their bug list so rather than wait I just restarted.

As soon as a different company with higher quality standards starts making games of similar design/scope I would happily jump ship. I don't care about the universe/characters/story of Elder Scrolls... just the first person immersion and explore/discover scale and the non-menu driven leveling.