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M.U.G.E.N said:
Ajescent said:
jesus fucking christ you kids are fickle. if you want to buy the vita buy it. if not shut up and leave it be, I'm sick of all these "vita is dead" bullshit. it's only been out 4months and people have been pronouncing it dead for 6. Yes it's not selling 1billion per second but no console does that. It has a steady stream of games coming that instead of checking out, people just complain.

They give new IPs, people complain they don't have the CODs and crap like that, they get a brand new COD game, people complain it's a port. What exactly do you people want?

I swear I had it with this fucking place..I agree with you..new game? where's cod? where's ps1 classics? where's youtube? console franchise? meh give me smaller games suited for short bursts of play...fucking complaint after another fucking complaint...I mean for fucks sake







Soul Sacrifice



aargh fuck I don't even wanna bother anymore...this is useless and after every fucking E3 this shit happens. this is why I hate talking about the vita outside of the OT..you hear that xxain and all you who bitch about official threads? THIS IS WHY! and I'm not alone on the matter..

It's the internet, friend. You either learn to live with it or collapse under the weight of all the bullshit.

All Stars for Vita was a solid move, though we'll have to see if any of them will break out of the PSP trap, something that will have to be assessed on a title-by-title basis (i'll admit to not having watched the conference, so i can't give judgement on how good COD or AC Liberation look)

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.