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To make the list more Playstation like, I only used PS3 exclusive characters :P 

The Muscles: Kratos- After killing all the gods, Kratos shows no one can match him in sheer brawn, all you have to do is let him loose.

The Brains: Norman Jayden- After successfully finding the missing child in Heavy Rain, Norman can deduce many hidden clues together with the FBI database and his special glasses.

The Fixer: Victor Sullivan- Using his vast experience as a cheat and a plunderer, Sully can lend his vast experience to nearly anything, including fixing things.

The Beauty: Nariko- you just can't say no to that hair :P

The Trigger Man: Rico- Rico is all about guns blazing and doesn't give a damn about the consequences, so he fits this role perfectly!

The Butcher: Kessler- A man willing to do absolutely everything nessecary for the greater good, his vision though can be extremely bloddy because of this, as the ray sphere showed.

The Wild Card: Collosi (I don't know this ones name but this one)- it would be pretty useful to fly all over the place and if it every got loose, Kratos could just take it out with ease :P

Well there's my ultimate team of Playstation characters, I'd reckon they'd be able to excel at any cituation :D