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Mr Puggsly said:
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Microsoft, EA and Activision are going to take the gaming industry into a full pay to play methodology next generation for sure if you don't keep your mind sharp to how this gen is going to end. Everything will have a dollar price and if they can't get it straight out of you they'll find other ways. I really do wish it was the days of fun gaming when the Japanese ruled the industry, but I am sure that is going to take a harsh turn now.

If Sony can manage to stick around they will probably go the pay route as well. Its amazing how some people can't get through their head that offering online services isn't free. The overhead cost are so high that Sony actually has publishers pay bandwidth fees. MS however does not which is part of the reason they get more support and content.

The Cold War is over commie. Quit worrying about companies trying to make money off something as trivial as video games.

Yes because they would find that being fair and respecting that people already pay internet bills should be enough admission to use the internet without publisher and Microsoft barricading you from further entertainment. They tried, but they found that people find paying is the way to go so they just might follow suit. When they do were all fucked. I might just stop gaming because of all the payments ontop of games for a little while. I have too many other things to focus on.

I remember when programs like Napster first appeared and people felt they were entitled to download all the music they want free because they pay for the internet. Your argument is equally ignorant.

Fair is bullshit spewed by socialists/commies. You wanna know whats truly fair? Not being oblige to pay for something you don't want or support.

Nobody cares if you stop gaming and more importantly you shouldn't care how people chose to spend their money. If you don't like the direction the industry is going, you can take your money elsewhere. That says more than pissing and moaning on a forum.

I wouldn't argue with him, it'll be likely arguing with a wall. And when you do manage to say something he can't counter, he'll pull a vanishing act. Experience tells me that more than enough, he'll just constantly try to play down MS and put up Sony as a god, in every thread. It's pointless even reporting/arguing with that flawless logic.

Disconnect and self destruct, one bullet a time.