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Examiners impressions

Sony has finally unveiled its Smash Bros themed game that has been rumored for months.  The game is now calledPlayStation Battle All-Stars Royale.  This new title is completely  unnecessary, and Sony should have not put the game into production.  While the game might turn out to be fun, the consumers of Baltimore should question Sony as to why it is blatantly ripping off Nintendo.  

PlayStation Battle All-Stars Royal is nothing more than a cash grab at the casual market.  Sony does not need a game like this.  A lot of franchises associated with the PlayStation platform never made it to the big leagues.  Parappa the Rapper is just one title that did not become a staple franchise.  The casual crowd is not going to pick up Sony’sSmash Bros clone to play as Parappa.  Sweet Tooth might have been popular back in the PS1 days, but he is no longer well known by today’s mainstream crowd.  It is also doubtful that most people recognize where Fat Princess comes from.  Since the majority of consumers have no idea who Sony’s characters are, then this game will probably fall flat when it releases. 

Sony needs to stick to the foundation of what made PlayStation great in the first place.  The PlayStation brand has never been about parties or local multiplayer.  All of the biggest games on the platform have always focused on singleplayer gameplay.  Games like SpyroCrash Bandicoot,Metal Gear SolidFinal FantasyJak and DaxterGod of War,Uncharted, and Infamous are all games that were built to be played by one person.  Sony already tried to hit the casual crowd with the PlayStation Move, and the peripheral ended up being a moderate success.  The company does not need to lose anymore money trying to woo people outside of its core users.    

Sony seems to be losing its direction with the PS3.  It first produces the game Little Big Planet Karting which will destroyModnation Racers property.  now the company will fall deeper into the financial hole from creating PlayStation Battle All-Stars.  Sony is in the middle of an identity crisis and needs to find itself again.