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Okay seriously, now this is gone for awhile.
Sony fans: Even the website that played the game state the obvious inspiration of the game, it is pretty obvious, sugar coat it all you want.

Nintendo fans: Seriously so what if it is a clone of a beloved franchise, it is different at the same time because it is different cast, and while I might not personally care about Sony characters as much as the next guy, let sony fans have this brawler.

what Sony fan tried to say that Smash Bros WASN'T and inspiration for Battle Royale?

Well trying to justify it that is unique enough, I don't really see distinction to say that it is that different, and I know fans don't want much difference. 

(Also I can't tell some user are joking or not in their post.)

1. All stages are mash-up from 2 different games
2. Variety of characters from Kratos to Sly Cooper
3. Online component that most likely works
4. HD Visuals at 60 FPS
5. No health bar or life limit. The only way to win is to pump out your super moves which are 1-hit KOs.(Biggest Different between the 2 games IMO)
6. Potential for a long life with DLC and game updates.

All this alone makes the game different enough to make even a Smash Bros fan buy the game if they got a PS3.

The bolded is the only real distinction. The other stuff is hardly note worthy considering they hardly effect gameplay except for maybe it having Sony characters, but obviously it's going to have Sony chracters, that's the whole point.

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