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Diomedes1976 said: I dont think the X360 has sold 2 million in december in North America ...not by a long shot .
So, CNBC (the one who reported 2 million in NA in Dec) is a fanboy source? Who is the one doing the "wishful thinking" here? Also, if you're at all competent in video game sales history, you'd know that 2 million for NA is not that much of a stretch for Dec. If it's not 2 million, it is damn close. It's not a fanboy thing, or a site wars thing... it's just common sense and logic. The fact is 7.9 million isn't even remotely right. I find it incredibly odd that you so easily swallow whatever this site is telling you, but so easily dismiss professional sources, like CNBC or MS financial figures. The fact is anybody can make a site like this and quote whatever figures they want! And to clarify one point that everybody seems to get wrong... NPD data is US only. A lot of people want to turn that into North America data, when it does not include Canada and Mexico. Some want to add NPD data to Europe data and then add in Japan, but they just don't realize how wrong that is... you miss a lot of NA, all of Australia, a lot of Asia, and other parts of the world.