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Even if it was 4.5 million sold by the end of September, the numbers still do NOT still add up to 7.9 million... not even close. The 360 sold 750k in the US alone in Oct and Nov, per NPD data. Add in the 2 million Dec. number and that is 2.75 million, mostly just for the US since Sept. That's 7.3 million, without any of the rest of the world (Europe, Australia, Asia, and Oct/Nov sales in Canda and Mexico). I'm to believe it only sold 600k in the rest of the world over 3 months? The numbers do not add up, even remotely close, even on the low end of your estimate (taking your 4.5 million number). What I love the most is that you're trying to tell me that Microsoft has no way to tell me how many are sold, but you seem to think you have it figured out. That's just silly! Anyhow, MS announced 6 million sold at the end of Sept, not shipped. And, even if we lowball it and go with your 4.5 million number, that would still put the 360 in the neighborhood of 9 million, easily!