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spurgeonryan said:

Holy Hell! That is a lot of games Mr. Zarx. I did not notice Dota 2 in there. Is that not one that you are looking forward too as well? I did see a review for it in either EGM or Gameinformer so maybe you have already played it.

Well I am not going to buy all of them they are just on my Radar, I usally buy ~3 games a month including indies and oldies. But I might buy more this year TBH the sales and games are so insane lately. Hell so far this year I have brought Oil Rush, Alan Wake, Space Marine, Dawn of War II: Retribution, Shank 2, Serious Sam 3, Zeno Clash, Crusader Kings II, Mirrors Edge and Mafia II. And holly hell that is more than I thought... I got to cut back, but I have no impulse control! Sombody save me!!!

As for DotA II I am kinda burnt out on Mobas for now so it's not really on my radar, I have a a slight interest in Sins of a Dark Age as that looks to be a new take on the genre tho so I guess that should be on the list games that are on my radar. 

Oh god I just remembered that the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter is going up soon I got to kick in for that, I also forgot about River City Ransom, Quantum Conundrum and Skyrim DLC.

Edit oh and Mass Effect 3 once the DLC is out 

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