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PullusPardus said:
Panama said:
Screw Tali, Liara is the best option, Tali fanboys got what was coming to them. We're getting the Bishoujo for a reason.

Bullshit aside, while it's common for artists to use stock photos as a reference that was a lazy effort by Bioware. That aside, ME3 certainly feels a bit more like an RPG like ME1 so I'm not too livid with Bioware. I'm sure once I view the ending though I will be.

All the female characters in Bioware games suck ass and one dementional to be honest .

That's a rather sweeping generalization considering they don't have the same writers for every single Bioware game. Also if that were true one wouldn't be able to discern between the female cast in ME beyond looks, which just isn't the case. I can't speak for Dragon Age or SWTOR though as I'm not a fan. The writing was pretty damn good in Baldurs Gate and Kotor though back in the day.