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I started playing video games (Donkey Kong) on a Coleco Vision at one of my friend's house, Then another of my friends rented a NES, played Super Mario Bros. and loved it. When I came back home, I annoyed the hell out of my parents to get one. My little brother joined in and my parents caved and bought us a NES for Christmas.

After that, I got a SNES, got a subcription to Nintendo Power which my dad agreed to pay for if I'd agree to translate all the articles in French to pratice my English (I never did it).

I bought a N64 played Mario 64, Blast Corps, Star Fox 64 and a few other gem but then rented a PS1 with Final Fantasy VII for a weekend. I needed that game so I sold my N64 and bought a PS1 with the game.

I eventually got another N64. Afterwards, I bought every Nintendo and Sony console as they came out. I didn't think I'd ever get an XBox 360 but Kinect and Dance Central (and a few exclusives too) convinced me to buy one.

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