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ClassicGamingWizzz said:
Panama said:
lestatdark said:
Panama said:
Oh and default femshep looks nothing like her ME3 artwork, she's a hideous ginger tranny that fell into a bucket of makeup. Best off using your custom femshep.

Odd. Did they change femshep from the demo to the full game? Because from what I reclaim, femshep on the demo looked a bit similar to the artwork one (I used her for my first playthrough in the demo).

In any case, i'll be using my custom femshep as usual. She's been the same since ME1, I see no reason to change her appearance now

Same as the demo. Her hair and face are totally off though, Bioware aren't exactly great at converting concept art into character models but they at least trump Bethesda in that area. Oddly enough Male Shepard looks just about spot on with the artwork.

because male shepard cames from a real man

So did Miranda...and she ended up looking nothing like her real life actress lol