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Troll_Whisperer said:
highwaystar101 said:
At a party last Friday I was talking to my mate's girlfriend when she asked me if I'd seen TopGun. I told her that I've never seen Top Gun, nor do I want to see it given the way people talk about it. She couldn't believe that I'd never seen Top Gun, like it was compulsory watch it.

That said, my friend and I were talking to someone a few weeks ago who had never read Nineteen Eighty-Four and she said that she didn't know anyone who has. I didn't believe her, I thought everyone in the world had read that book, at least most of my friends seem to have read it (even the ones who generally don't read books). Apparently not though.

I can easily believe that she's never read 1984 but not that she doesn't know anyone who has, that's preposterous.

I've never seen Top Gun and have read 1984, so I'm with you.

OP: I've never owned anything physical sold by MicroSoft (like an Xbox, a Windows DVD, a Word CD... nothing). I have a Hotmail account though.

Also never seen Top Gun (though I have seen Hot Shots, but I am generally more of a comedy fan than action fan)

And I have read 1984... though it is one of very few "must read classics" I have read.