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TRios_Zen said:
Hey, I played (and finished!) Borderlands alone (I bought the Game of the Year edition long after my friends had already gone through it)...and I dug it.

This will be a day one purchase for me though and expect to play 2 through with friends.

Where's the OT mister??

Really? After my cousins were done with the game I went back to play it alone just to get my character to the max level (I think I got to 67 - Max was 69) and I got bored after a few hours. Maybe it's because I had experienced it with other players that it felt a bit slower alone. Which platform do you have it on? I've created a second character on PC and have gotten to about level 30 with random people and I do plan on revisiting it this summer so if you have it on PC I'd be glad to dive back into it with you!

I'm working on the OT in a word document in my spare time. I don't think I'll get it up today but some time tomorrow this should be transformed to include more class info, screenshots, previews and (if I can think of what else there is to cover) more!