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I'm sure you're all aware of how Final Fantasy hasn't exactly been getting perfect 10s this generation. Final Fantasy XIII sold pretty well and got good reviews but that didn't stop the media from bashing the game for is linearity and "20-hour tutorial". XIII-2 although praised as a better game, got lower reviews and as a result lower sales. Why? Fiinal Fantasy games have always been known for their quality up until XIII. So its safe to assume that XIII was overrated purely on brand name. By the time XIII-2 released the FF brand was damaged and the media was much more critical with their reviews.

Ok so how did the Xbox 360 damage the FF brand? Easy. It sold so much. Square Enix saw an opprtunity to cash-in on the Final Fantasy brand and with the dominance of the Xbox 360 in America, it was a no-brainer to go multi-platform. Of course with these multi-platform games comes Square Enix trying to appeal to the Western audience. This is where they went wrong. This is where the Xbox 360s success in America damaged Final Fantasy, indirectly. Of course, Square Enix always had the choice of keeping Final Fantasy exclusive to the PS3 so when it comes down to it, it is their fault for making poor decisions.