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instead of using nuke as a weapon, is it possible they're making it for good of man kind? a form of cheaper energy mayhaps?

They are building a bomb so that they can have some sort of parity with Israel and America and all the blow hard zionists in both countries won't be able to threaten them with impunity anymore. 

because its them and not iran that is the one making threats to annihilate other countries and (boastfully) funding terrorists around the globe

I don't feel like giving a history lesson right now but every ounce of middle eastern animosity towards America is brough on us by our zionist government. 

well you might as well just kill yourself now to atone because they want you dead anyways.

Or we could stop sending american soldiers to fight jew wars. Either or. Though AIPAC would probably prefer your idea.

get them talking a little and without fail they prove theyre racists

"I like my steaks how i like my women.  Bloody and all over my face"

"Its like sex, but with a winner!"

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