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trasharmdsister12 said:

I wouldn't say just as easily. In those reviews you're pretty much anonymous and can rate it 1 without much effort. Here if you rate it 1 everyone pretty much knows you did and you also better have some damn good reasons or it won't count. Of course there's always the stealth troll scores like 6-7 on games that get more generally favourable reviews (8-10 range) just to lower the aggregate score bit by bit. But really those cases just make those individuals look silly for putting so much effort into some incredibly juvenile sense of war.

What I'm more interested in here is what people actually thought about the game. What did they like? What did they hate? Why? The "Why?" is incredibly important because different people can have very different ways of looking at the same fact. IE. Fact: SM3DLand is on the easier side of Mario games. Coming from a Mario veteran this could be a negative point. For someone who isn't great at Mario games (read: I suck) it might be information I appreciate even if their opinion differs from mine.

Well yes, that's true... trolling's a bit more difficult, but yeah.. trolls will be trolls, haha.

Anyway! OT!

I found Skyward Sword to be a fantastic game for the most part. I'd give it a very solid 9.5. I'll list some of my thoughts below, though I'll focus more on the stuff that irked me, because everyone knows it's a great game, right? ;)

The characters and animation were very well done, I loved them.

The controls were obviously a strong point too, the only things I didn't like were the stabbing (for some reason this seems incredibly iffy to pull off properly, which caused me a LOT of frustration when fighting Ghirahim for the final time), and the MotionPlus-powered pointer controls (while I appreciate what they were trying to do, it was really a bit too slow and required too much recalibrating for my liking).

I adore the artstyle! But! The graphics seemed to me to be a bit on the rough side to me when it comes to quite a few of the environments... things like trees looked quite bad to me, tbh.

As for the audio... the music was very well done, but nor memorable in the least, which disappointed me. Former Zeldas have had some of the most memorable tunes in gaming history, and imo SS just doesn't live up to that legacy. The Sky music was glorious, and Skyloft was nice, too. There were a few other tunes here and there that I really liked, but the majority of the music (while being of excellent quality and very fitting) just sounded like ambient sounds with very little in the way of strong core melodies...

The Silent Realms I disliked horribly, but that's just me; I have a deep-founded hate for anything time-pressure related in games.

The story for me was excellent, I liked the little nods and referenes to past Zelda games, and overall it seemed well thought-out (though I'm still not sure how a few things tie together, but well, who cares :p)

And yes, the Tadtone thing was just terrible, haha.The overworld (Sky) was barren as well, not a whole lot to do, and not as big as you'd think. Having only 3 major areas to explore on the surface to me was no problem, I really liked what they did with the whole density thing. There was a LOT to do in eac area.

I didn't really like the shield stuff. I don't like having to spend a ton of time getting and upgrading a shield, only to have to take extreme care it doesn't break. Meh. The whole upgrading thing was very sweet, but I'd have preferred it if shields were not breakable.

Overall difficulty was great! Finally challenging again! Some really neat sidequests too. Fi wasn't annoying to me either, I liked her.

One last thing... the surface world was supposed to be covered in clouds, and the people of Skyloft had never seen it, even doubted its existence, because an inpenetrable layer of thick clouds had been covering everything for thousands of years, as you can see when you're flying around in the Sky... HOW COME THERE'S A SUNNY BLUE SKY WITH ONLY A FEW CLOUDS WHEN I'M ON THE GROUND?! Like, WTH. Am I the only one who noticed this? I found it strange the very first moments I descended below the clouds, and have been wondering about it since. :p

Anyway, like I said at first, overall I really really like the game, the things I described above are merely some of the things that IMHO weren't up to snuff.

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