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Smeags said:
Pineapple said:

It's a 10 to me. I haven't played a game with so many completely and utterly brilliant nidbits in it before. There are a fair bit of things I don't like about the game, but they're so outshadowed by the brilliant elements. I utterly adored how the timeshift stones were implemented. The boss fights were as a whole some of the greatest I've seen, and the controls were brilliant.

I haven't finished it yet, so I'm not completely certain where it ends on my list of favourite games. It's looking to end somewhere between 2nd and 4th at the moment, though.

Overall, absolutely marvellous game.

By the time I visited the Sand Sea I was depressed. I mean, the past world of Lanayru Desert was so beautiful and vibrant... compared to the arid wasteland that it had become over hundreds and hundreds of years. I was hoping that I could find a giant timeshift stone and hit it to make the whole area like it was in the past. But no such luck...

Loved the Sand Sea though... absolutely gorgeous.

Shh! I haven't finished the game. I'm still hoping for a giant timeshift stone to make the whole area like it was in the past.

Oh, and among other things I loved, the way bombs were handled in this game.  It was geniously done, and so much better than the old system. Similarly, removing the z-target shots from the bow was brilliant.

Oh, and obviously the beetle. Lovely little thing.