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pezus said:
Galaki said:
pezus said:
I think some of you are too quick to judge and think that what happens in Japan happens WW too. Let's not forgot huge games such as CoD, AC coming to Vita. If they pull it off right, they could provide a massive boost for the Vita

Console experience on portable is what failed the PSP against the DS.

Nope, lack of huge games did. It's not that people don't want to play "console-like" games, it's more that the games weren't popular enough. Are Mario Kart and SM3DLand not console like experiences, for example? Are they not very very similar to Wii/gamecube games?

The NSMB/3D Series and MK Series are perfect for either handheld or home console. They are both very easy to control and very fun.

OT: That is almost impossible. The VITA will most likely end up like the PSP. Not a total failure but no where near what the DS had sales wise. The VIT A will have some good games but it's lost many exclusives. For one a main series KH game is coming to the 3DS and a MH already has come to the 3DS and another is on it's way. The VITA has just lost out on many things that the DS Family has gained since last gen.

The VITA will not be able to compete with the 3DS, it's not going to totally fail but it's not going to win.

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.