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pezus said:
Galaki said:
pezus said:
I think some of you are too quick to judge and think that what happens in Japan happens WW too. Let's not forgot huge games such as CoD, AC coming to Vita. If they pull it off right, they could provide a massive boost for the Vita

Console experience on portable is what failed the PSP against the DS.

Nope, lack of huge games did. It's not that people don't want to play "console-like" games, it's more that the games weren't popular enough. Are Mario Kart and SM3DLand not console like experiences, for example? Are they not very very similar to Wii/gamecube games?

No, you're using wrong examples. MK7 works nicely on home/portable consoles.

3DLand is designed specifically for the 3DS, that's a horrible example to pick. LOL.