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This thread is like stepping on the twilight zone.

I'm not sure what you mean when you say the 3DS is "stuck" to a Wi-fi connection. Whatever connection you choose to use, you're gonna have to pay an ISP. Wether you want one on the move or one just at home is really up to you, but theres solutions for both.

Has for the 3DS beeing for "kiddies" is in itself a very weak argument when were experiencing the release of Resident evil Revelations, Metal Gear Solid 3D and Tekken prime edition the next weeks. Nintendo games might be seen as kiddy because they are aimed at a large demographic, but the 3DS is proving its aimed at adult audiences aswell.

From a marketing point of view though, the 3DS is absolutely genious in the way it differenciates itself from the competition while aiming at all the demographics, while the Vita on the other hand just seems to be a small tablet or a big phone aimed at 20-35 audiences. It is in no way a better gadget than the 3DS, but a different one. The 3DS still offers a unique 3D experience and functionality that no other handheld offers, wich is something that is hard to say about the Vita since it really offers little over the PSP except power (the touch pad is just a feature added to a checklist that makes little sense on the same screen as you're playing the games). That is the reason why it cant really beat even the PSP without a really good library. There just is no reason to upgrade.

But, realisticly speaking the Vita already lost in sales comparison. There is just no way that a handheld that is now selling 15-20k a week is gonna catch up with a 15 million headstart.