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I did not field an opinion on the Iraq war either way before it began, and now of course we all know that the war started on bad intelligence. As a result of this, I turned against it. However lately Bush's "surge" appears to have started working, with Iraq starting to stabilize.

The primary reason that the world dislikes Bush is Iraq, but I don't hear too many people that decried his failures there standing up and saying how wonderful he is now it's started working. Furthermore, when I try to look at this from an American's point of view, I realize this. 9/11 was an enormous call to arms for fundamentalist islamists. All around the world they gave a cry of victory and pledged to destroy America. This placed the USA at enormous risk of terrorist attack. Now I ask you, if he is such a terrible president? Why then, against all the odds, have his policies prevented all terrorists from striking American land for seven years?

The main reason Bush went to war in Iraq was to ensure that the war against terrorism was not fought on American soil, he succeeded. To me, this sounds like something that has unfortunately begun to define the Political Left. A tendency to decry everything the right does while offering no viable alternative, only empty rhetoric. In other words, whining.

I used to strongly dislike George Bush's policies, but now I cannot deny that his strategy to combat terrorism has worked very well. As for the recession? As an economics student I can tell you that this was in no way George Bush's fault. Whilst some people point to huge budget deficits, what has caused the coming recession is the sub-prime crisis, which is largely beyond Bush's control.

HE may not personally be my cup of tea, but the man has not been the miserable failure of a President people make him out to be. And I am disgusted by the leftists that attack everything he does and then stay completely quiet when some of his policies work.

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