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As a fan of nintendo since the early 90's I'm always surprised when people seem shocked that nintendo leave large gaps when no games seem to be released. They've been pulling this shit for years esp close to the release of their new consoles.
They never change and I doubt they ever will.

I think since the Wii is more popular than the GC or N64 that they would do like Sony and keep the Wii around for a while after their new console launched. 

I hope third parties will take advantage of the Wii even when the Wii-U comes out, I'm pretty sure some of them can still make games that will sell out especially when the price tag for the Wii-U is still in question, Nintendo can make the Wii the next PS2 IF they allow 3rd party support for it and continue to sell their systems.

I totally agree this is what SHOULD happen but I doubt it will, esp considering there's very little keeping the console afloat now.

We all know that scenario is not going down, they barely got support throughout the entire gen, why would they support it at the end, when they have to support Ninty's new systems and not one but TWO systems (PS360) that still have some more fight in them. THey wont. Matter of fact there are already games that would have come out that are awol. Grand Slam Tennis 2, Sonic4 episode 2, hell even Ninty took Pikmin and moved it to Wii U