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jneul said:

ps to mornelithe claiming my insecurity, thats very nice, but i'm in now way insecure at all, which is why i said zelda has it in spades,
Im going on about a particular set of fans that are trying to hype sorcery up even before any of us have hands, on, with me i'd much rather just play the game and decide for myself.

I'm curious as to why you even care?  I mean no offense here, I'm just a little bewildered that you'd take some random comments from some random nobodies on a forum, so completely seriously.  Zelda is a proven franchise, with 65 million sales in franchise history, it, just like any franchise can only be brought down from within.  Even IF Sorcery does motion control better, Zelda still has the story and the pedigree that fans have enjoyed for many many years.  People don't just forget that and assume a game that has some intriguing qualities will crush it.  That's like expecting Forza to outsell Gran Turismo, or that Mod Nation Racers would kill Mario Kart.

Even on the off chance that Sorcery has a great story, gameplay, presentation etc.... Zelda is still going to have it's story to tell, and a unique way of doing so.  That and name recognition are enough to sell copies of most games.