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* Spoiler Alert: This thread is fiction.

Keni Bootaragi "The Father of Playstation" was visited in his dreams by a Demon named Beelzebub ( one of the 7 princes of Hell) around 1986. The Demon told Ken that if he would only obey him, he would make Sony the biggest gaming company on the planet. At first Ken wanted nothing to do with the Demon, but when the Demon saw that Ken would need more motivation he showed him a vision of the most wonderous of things! See Below:

So Ken agreed to the Demons terms, and was immediately sent on his quest. His quest would lead him to what he desired most. To become all powerful in the videogame industy.

He recieved a lost map from the Demon, that pinpointed a secret tunnel to the destroyed city of Atlantis! Once down this mile long tunnel into the abyss Ken found the lost city. Much to his horror, Atlantis was not a lost city. In fact, it was Hell on Earth. He was led to the ancient path between the living and the dead. Atlantis was washed away many thousands of years ago during the Great flood of Gilgamesh. Beelzebub appeared to Ken and explained that God was not punishing man kind, he was actually covering up his dirty little secret. Earth in the past was Hell, and the Garden of Eden was Heaven. To get rid of Hell so that man could freely walk the earth, God had to wipe it off the map. Yada, yada, yada," the Demon said, "Hell was gone." Ken asked,"What does yada, yada, yada mean?" "Sein..just forget about it mortal, continue with your quest." With that chilling comment Ken continued to the fourth level of hell. There he found what he was seeking. A single green box, made entirely out of Jade. He opened the box, and was instantly filled with the Wisdom of Solomon that Lucifer stole by sacrificing Solomon to the sun god Ra.

With that done Ken instantly formed a plan to put Sony on the map and get his wonderous vision to come true. He devised a plan with the help of Phillips to get Nintendo to become interested in one of their products, the CD-ROM XA. The devious plan worked, and Nintendo soon approached Sony to help develope  a Snes-CD. After that sony would have unlimited power, with having access to Nintendo's games. But God soon got word of what was happening. He drugged and Brainwashed Hiroshippo Bamauchiz and had him cancel the deal with Sony. Howard Lincoln then went to CES to give out the bad news. Much to Sony's Chagrin, they also found out at CES at the last minute.

But Satan and his lacky Beelzebub are slithering snakes! They thought up plan and the thought it up quick. There plan which later became a living nightmare for Nintendo and God, was to align Nintendo with Phillips. The two companies mated and almost brought about the end of the world by creating  the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Again, at the last moment God thwarted that plan by making the Phillips CD-I fail. That made it only three horsemen. Link: The Faces of Evil, Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon and Zelda's Adventure were all unable to bring about the end.

That huge victory by God infuriated Satan! So Satan travelled through the veil back to the other dimension where he and God came from. He was an outlaw there so he had to be stealthy. In the Dark of night, he broke into the Temple of the Winds and stole Pandora's Box and brought it back to earth to give to Ken.

Once Ken got it back to S.P.E.C.T.R.E's head quarters (Sony Playstaion entertainment center that really excites) he opened it up. Inside was a strange device that seemed to play Compact Discs. He had never seen such advanced technology. At least not since the Sega Saturn.~ Funny story: David the Gnome once tried to take over the videogame industry as well. He had the Saturn made. No one ever heard from him again...~ Anyways, more on that another time ,Ken named it Brimstone, but a Sony gallup poll showed that name did not go well with gamers. So the name Sony Playstation was formed off their evil headquarters name at that time.

Over the years both factions would go at it back and forth. God would smite Sony with the PSP, Satan would seek revenge by delaying the Vitality sensor. A neverending battle between good and evil. The new battle has started. Who's side will you be on? Evil attacked first by killing Elizabeth Taylor. That act alone destroyed the 3DS for many months. Nintendo had to get rid of all its blood money and decrease the price of the 3DS just to get things back to normal.

On God's side he would implant an idea in Sony's CEO's head to make a Golf game be its biggest launch game. Back and forth till doomsday 2012, when the mystical race know as the Mayans predicted Judgement day will be. On that day the Wii U will go into the final battle with the 720. What atrocities will gamers have to witness when this happens? All we really know for sure is that no one will want to be alive when that time comes to pass. It will be too horrible to endure!


Hopefully for Nintendo fans this is what will happen once again in the great battle between Heaven and Hell!


*Names in this story were changed for the characters protection.

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