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bigjon said:
Tales of Symphona: Dawn of the New World- If have not beat the 1st one buy that and play it on your Wii (It was a GC game) those two games have very fun action RPG combat, and epic story lines. The other ones you named seem like good choices. Fire Emblem was very good, also you can play the GC one again (or for the 1st time?).

Came here to comment about this game. Tales of Symphonia on GCN is my favorite console RPG of all time. When I played the sequel for the Wii, I was pleasantly surprised. It's a spin-off, so it isn't a full fledged Tales experience (I clocked about 20 hours ignoring any side quests) and it is pretty linear, however, the story is pretty great and if you are a fan of the first game, I'm positive you'll love the sequel.