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ImJustBayuum said:

its not a matter of what Sony want. its about whats best for the company.

@ bolded - THIS

Now the question is, where does the Playsatation lies within Sony's priority list when major costs needs to be slashed or when major Assets needs to be sold or restructured.

The gameing group inside the division probably is the only "safe harbour" currently within Sony. Notice they did not shut down any game developers they own/control which would be an easy spot to save money. Hardware prices are probably at a point where no further reductions can take place without makeing losses again, given the strong yen, exploding harddisk prices. On other fronts, why they bought out Sony Ericsson instead of gutting the cell phone market is anyone's guess. When you hear Sony starting to shut down Japanese factories one day, then it is time to start worrying.