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sad.man.loves.vgc said:
thismeintiel said:
mjk45 said:
If I recall Sony's approach with the move was one of softly softly does it , bring it to the market as an accessory that gives players another option rather than trying to make it integral to the PS3 experience , So there was no need to give it a large advertising budget or have heaps of move titles in the pipeline , instead push integration with titles like KZ 3 e.t.c , like they seem to be doing with 3D and mix that with a select number of Move branded titles.
At least that's my take on it.

That's was exactly their strategy.  Before they even released it they said they felt it would be a slow burn.  So there may be fewer Move only games, but there are tons of games that are including it as an optional control method.  Which is something I prefer really.  Plus, where are all the Motion+ games, Reggie?

@ Rol

What are you talking about?  He's a great salesman!  Doesn't this just make you want to run out and grab a 3DS?

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