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zarx said:
Cliff Blezsinzki = interesting. dice wants more power?

Did you even read what the Dice guy said? he barely mentioned power far less than Cliff actually his focus was on connectivity

oh and we are 15 years away from Avatar level visuals in real time

wait what ??? 15 years??? are you serious???? have you been sleeping the past 15???? look at what you had available to the public 15 years ago..... heck right now I'm on a PC that is 5 years old that I refurbished a couple month ago.... that rig is less powerfull than most smartphone out today..... in 15 years you'll be able to actually process the CGI frames of an avatar quality movie on a PC faster than the super computer did..... heck prognosis are that within 20 to 30 years the processing power of a PC will be close to the processing power of every human brain combined..... not sure we'll be there.... but game in avatar quality graphic at least on PC will be possible way before the 10 year mark.....

now about about developing looking at what MS wants to do it will be cheaper to dev on windows if they actually streamline windows 8 on all platform... the architecture of the hardware will be also redundent... plus devs will find ways to make things cheaper to do as they always have..... and I do seriously belive that we'll have more and more serialized games.... that go retail chapter by chapter and you pay like 10 to 30 bucks per release or maybe 30 for the DVD and then 10 bucks for every new chapter you get.....