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Runa216 said:
Tony_Stark said:
Runa216 said:

on a scale of 1-10, how offended would you be if I said "It's just a baby, I mean, not like it's done anything in it's short life to be of any value to me"? 

XD, spiders are not even in the same legue as babies, please tell me you are not this nieve! If your really believe this garbage, then tell me, do you believe in evolution?  

first of all, it's naive, not like it matters. (the i is supposed to have two dots above it to indicate that it could be spelled 'naiive'.)  

Also, what does believing in evolution have to do with it?  Just because we can create computers and airplanes doesn't mean we're better or more valuable in the grand scheme things, just our own schemes.  The only species in the world that thinks we're all that and a bag of potato chips is us, everything else would be better off without us.  I do not believe in any way that just because our brains are more advanced than that of a spider that we're superior or that our lives are more valuable.  

First off, ever heard of a typo, let me give you a clue. A "typo" is a phenomenon that tends to happen when one is typing qiuckly, and does not bother to proof-read. Be careful though, typos are everywhere, and they are clearly dangerous. ; )  

Secondly, we are better and more valued in the grand sceme of things, and it is precicely because we have "evolved" (if you believe such nonsense). Also, we are much higher up on the food chain than spiders. No matter how you try to spin it spiders are insignificant in comparison to us. But you never answered my question. Do you believe in the theory of evolution? 

"with great power, comes great responsibility."