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Lol the glitches are hilarious from time to time. Yesterday I fell into a hole with 3 guys diving deep under me. Needless to say I killed them. They got pissed and one after the other jumped again in my hole and I killed them again. I had an advantage because I could stabilize my movements and was able to aim precisley. After a while I run out of Ammo but they came over and over again and I was able to take their kits. In the end I had to commite suicide because my team has already moved on. My own squad that spawned with me had to kill themselfs too. Sadly they didnt got much kills. Super funny especially because one guy screamed in his mic "what the fuck is going on" "someone kill this noob under the map. Funny was also as they tried to jump into my hole but ended up slightly somewere else and blew themselfs up with granades before I could kill them.

Sure this has nothing to do with skill and was a dick move from me but it was too entertaining to stop with it. Best game in the whole beta for me.