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The thing that i've noticed about Kinect games though is that they may not have spectacular launches but they just keep trucking along. 

Here are some FW sales compared to lifetime for a a bunch of Kinect games.


Kinect Sports: FW = 305k, LTD (life Time to Date) = 3.27 Million

Body and Brain Connection: FW = 5k, LTD = 74k 

Game Party in Motion: FW = 43k, LTD = 358k

EA Sports Active 2: FW = 15k, LTD = 278k

Dance Central: FW = 163k, LTD = 2.19 Million

Dance Masters: FW = 8k, LTD =81k

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved: FW = 73k, LTD = 924k

Kinect Joy Ride: FW = 63k, LTD = 882k


And here is one that opened up near to what this game did plus it also had horrible reviews.

Sonic Free Riders: FW = 38k, LTD = 507k



Mark my words this game will pass 250k and it will do it without breaking too much of a sweat.


I'm aware of that, I just expect this one to be the exception; the game's Mature rating also sets it apart from those other games. I could be wrong, but I'd imagine this game is aimed at not just the core crowd, but people like us who frequent forums like these. Overall, reviews haven't been kind to this game and core gamers have well over a dozen other titles releasing between now and the end of the year from which to choose--many of which can be considered blockbusters. With that in mind I expect this title to simply be swept aside and largely forgotten in the deluge of vastly superior titles--judging by previews at least--fast approaching. I do hope I'm wrong, because it would be a shame if poor sales discourages Microsoft from pursuing other titles in a similar vein.

Well I guess we will have to see then.

Hey are you interested in making a friendly bet?

Sure, a bet sounds fine; what do you have in mind?

That Rise of Nightmares will pass 160k before the end of the year. Winner gets avatar control for 1 week.