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Cirio said:
Won't lie, as a religious guy I think your question is way more... comical than the other thread's. Evolution is a theory, I repeat, evolution is STRICTLY a theory. A scientific theory by definition CANNOT be proven, so you asking this question goes completely against the foundation of theories and science. Science itself claims that evolution isn't and cannot be proven, so how does your question even make sense?

Even though I disagree with the other guy's thread and views, his question is still plausible because religion claims as a FACT that God exists. It makes no sense to prove something that by definition cannot be proven.

Gross, terrible misrepresentation of what a scientific theory is. A scientific theory is basically an idea in science that has so much evidence, so much predictive power, and a ridiculously high degree of accuracy, that's deemed worthly of reaching the level of "theory" in science. Theory does not have the same definition in science as it does in every say language, just google scientific theory instead of theory if you want the same definition/explanation of what a theory is. 

Also, stating that evolution cannot be proven is just ignorance. We see evolution happen every day, we've observed speciation, we've created and modified existing bacteria and viruses through mutation. We KNOW evolution is a fact. It's not even a freakin' debate among respectable scientists. The only thing debated in evolution is common ancesntry, and this is overwhelmingly religious groups/people questioning, most who have absolutely no understanding of evolution, or simply choose to be ignorant on the subject. 

So in all, his question does make sense, your concept of what a theory and what evolution is, on the other hand, does not. I'm pretty sure all man-made gods are fake, and if there is a god, it's almost certainly going to be a god no one has ever thought of or even met.