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I am one of those few that chooses to be charitable with my taxes I usually donate parts of my refund, to programs such as wildlife preservation. I also take fewer deductions then I should. So much so in fact the IRS contacted me about a deduction they found that they thought I had missed. When I did not request the adjustment they still sent me a check for it anyway. Dwell on that one for a little bit the government insisted on giving me more money. Yes I know nobody is going to take this advice, but do your own taxes from time to time. They aren't all that difficult, and the programs you can opt to donate to are genuinely worth while.

I want to add a few things. One the government doesn't run poorly. Well over ninety percent of the programs do in fact run fantastically well. You just never hear about them is all, and take their effectiveness for granted. I know many of you doubt that, because a lot of what they do you take on faith. You can have faith at the gas pump that what you pay for is what you will get. The same as at the grocery store. Not to mention all of the products that must list their weight on the package. This doesn't happen, because of altruism or honesty. Agencies are tasked to ensure that this happens, and they routinely inspect for adherence to the law. It is actually a reason that American goods are considered to be trustworthy globally. Doubt me check the gas pump for the inspection certificate the next time you fill up. Yeah there is a program taking place you didn't know about, but have complete faith in. So much for the theory that government is wasteful. Those agencies probably save you hundreds of dollars every year. For probably less then a dollar out of your taxes.

Speaking to wasteful government spending. The government is not some ephemeral entity. It is a reflection of us as a community. Those who run the government are elected by the people. So if you feel the government is just wasteful then it is your fault for electing poor managers, and no knee jerk reactions are not acting responsibly on your part. You should be involved at the local level promoting the elevation of politicians that have done a good job locally. Your justification for not being civic minded is you feel the government is wasteful, but wouldn't that wastefulness be a product of your not being civic minded in being more informed so as to pick more wisely. In a nutshell your laziness is not a excuse for not working towards the common good.

If your too lazy to be involved just fess up to it, and accept that you should probably pay more in to make up for your own short comings as a citizen. How the government runs is your responsibility. What is so convoluted with the logic that you should pay for your mistakes. If you put politicians into office that overspend. One you should make it a point to get involved, and two hey the government belongs to you. So you are responsible for picking up the tab.

I have said it before I will say it again. Bitching is easy putting forth some real effort is hard. Our government is not on another planet. Some of you would be utterly shocked by how available your public stewards are. Yes you can pick up the telephone and call your congressman, and gasp yes they will actually talk to you. The same is true in the case of your local politicians as well. It just makes me sad how little people care.