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archbrix said:
gamelover2000 said:
archbrix said:

Could you contradict yourself anymore if you tried?

Your first statement:   "The very fact that you can't prove or disprove god's existence proves he is not real."

Your statement to me:  "just because you can't explain something doesn't mean the least likely thing is responsible for it"

Did I ever say anything about a big invisible man in the sky?  Obviously my response has scared you into hostility... I have never seen a clearer case.  Lol!

Dr. Grass described you quite well; one more time with feeling:  "Your first contribution indicates your incredible lack of logic and understanding of scientific method."

Wait Wait.. he jumped to the conclusion there must be something divine because we have consciousness. I jumped to the conclusion god was not real because there is no proof of it.

I was hardly contradicting myself... your blowing my statement out of proportion.


I hardly believed something unlikely... I like to think things trough and I have NEVER seen anything supernatural so I see absolutely NO reason why I would believe in it.

Lol. there it is again... "jumped to the conclusion there must be something divine?"  Very narrow minded...

Keep in mind that you are speaking to someone who does not conform to any religion whatsoever.

That said, that doesn't mean I don't question the many things I can't prove.

And when you do speak of religion, it's all about the corrupt, the perverse and the war waging, mass genocide inducing extremes that you cite... far different from people just having their own personal belief system.  Whether it's true or not, you telling them that they're stupid and clueless for their harmless beliefs is no different than the people you "claim" to be above telling you that you're clueless for not adhering to their beliefs.

Fine then, to answer your original question "how do you explain consciousness"


I believe this fully done in the brain where we have different area's and some of these area's enable us to question and learn things, I wish people used that more often. Electrones and pulses go trough our brain and nerve system and we are developed enough to have consciousness.

As I said before, I do not know all the answers to life, but why seek answers to that you can't answer... how would an answer truly help us? it wouldn't... the best thing we can do is to believe what we KNOW, what we can PROVE true so that we can further our knowledge and hopefully further develop our brains.

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