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Xen said:
NiKKoM said:
No... PC fans of the original will bitch it has been "consolized"

Chances are it will be...

...as a fan of the PC original, yes.

It could but hopes are strong they wont turn it into the above mentioned other first person shooters. 

But the PS3 is the lead console for this project and the pc verison has been outsourced to another studio. All of heard from this is that they have included the orginal Inventory screen. But i am very worried because i want to play it on my PC then on my PS3 and i have to import it(save 50%) and that takes anywhere from 4-12 days and i want it right away so i want it shipped early which could spell disaster for me if the PC verison ends up being the worst overall. 

But It could end up being the best with one whole development studio working soly optimizing for the PC could be a good thing. 

Of Course That's Just My Opinion, I Could Be Wrong