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IamAwsome said:
theARTIST0017 said:
Zlejedi said:
Nintendogamer said:
Zlejedi said:
+ Zelda
- Wii

Thought you hated anything Nintendo dude.

OT:   +Zelda

          - animal crossing

Nah just because I belive that the only current gen feature on Nintendo hardware is it's price and that Iwata is greedy bastard it doesn't mean i can't admit Zelda, Metroid and Fire Emblem are worth playing ;)

Price is not a feature on Nintendo's hardware. And what exactly do you mean by this statement?

He means that they sell last gen hardware at current gen prices.

If that was true then the Wii would have launched at 400-600, and take 3-4 years to achieve a consumer friendly price.