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I think SONY made some terrible errors in the design of the PS3.

I recently purchased a PS3 having been a PS2 ----> Wii -----> 360 Owner and I considered this initially to be an upgrade.

I'm stunned and not in a good way.

I've enjoyed BluRay and a handful of games but the multiplats are terrible on the PS3.

Maybe I'm just over sensitive to screen tearing but after trying to play AC Brotherhood on the PS3 the unthinkable has happened. My 360 has been dusted off and is back in the living room. I've actually repurchased the game.

But the problems dont stop there. I've found numerous bugs in games, Sound problems, Res change flicking.

Thing is these are easy things to fix but SONY just dont seem to be bothered.

Its sad to say but if I had to some up the PS3 in one word it would be "unpolished"

Its a crying shame as the Tech under the hood of my PS3 seems to be going to waste.