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CGI-Quality said:
selnor said:
CGI-Quality said:

What preferences are apparent here? Also, there isn't any straw pulling, you have compared them plenty, particularly when you thought it was appropriate (doing so even in this thread). Seems it's only right to "compare" them when it suits an argument, but maybe I see it wrong.

In any event, it doesn't matter in any significant way selnor, they aren't what my point was mainly about. If you didn't want to involve yourself in the debate, you shouldn't continue to perpetuate it now.

I've compared unchaterd to crysis in the same way. Doesn't mean their scores are comparable. Comparing graphics or storytelling etc does not make 2 completely differing genre games comparable.

You've completely missed the point and I haven't got the patience to explain it again. 

I haven't missed the point. You and others were saying Alan wake was. Comparable to heavy rain in meta scores. When they aren't. Forza and gt are. Sven though I don't agree with doing so.

Just because some of us compared 2 games on some points, does not make them comparable across genres. Many of us compare cross genre games on different points.

But when using metacritic ( if people must ) it should be strictly genre to genre. Forget what people compare with personal taste when using meta.

Like I said though, I don't like meta. Because it only inflates the current medias broken. Review systems se have.