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This is a doomed thread mix in with more Malstrom insight. AKA Nintendo will not succeed ever again because their not shoving 2D Super Mario Bros, and other so called arcade type games aka Wii series down their audiences throat. Good forbid for a company to make new hardware, and try new things. Let's do exactly what we did with the Wii just put it in HD. The same thing that Move is, and that is so successful!

Malstrom and others like to use the Gamecube as Nintendo ulimate failure. Mainly because they tried to do what they other guys were doing. The point is they weren't doing exactly what the others were doing. Nintendo didn't buy exclusives like Sony did with Grand Theft Auto. The didn't use full size discs that keep 3rd parties away from making bigger games on the system. Then finally they didn't fight back in the media war. Sony and Micrsoft did a hell of a job in painting and putting the Gamecube in a kid corner.

Now in the current gaming industry where companies are closing because they are not making money. Even if they have a bias against Nintendo. They need the opprunity that Project Cafe will present to them. If Project Cafe can get western games, and helps the east. It will help Nintendo broading their scope a little, and 3rd parties make some extra money. 

The difference in approach, hardware with the Wii, and 3rd parties hate for Nintendo. Played a role in what happen with the Wii. Still with out a doubt if the Wii was the egual to the other current console. It would have gotten the same games as them. In the end that's what we all really just want.


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