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It was recently announced that the Xbox 360 version of L.A. Noire, which releases in North America next week, would come on three discs. Despite Rockstar's assurances that disc-swapping would come at very natural breaks in the story and only have to be changed once (instead of swapping back when re-visiting an area or something), this news has sparked a firestorm of complaints from gamers. The question is: why?

If L.A. Noire has to come on multiple discs, that can only mean the game is huge. Considering GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption were both single disc games, could L.A. Noire be even longer than them? Gamers should be rejoicing that this game has so much content, not complaining. This is exciting news!

Secondly, have gamers today really gotten so lazy they can't even be bothered to get up off their couch once or twice every dozen hours of play? Remember back during the PlayStation 1 days when tons of games came on multiple discs? Nobody complained about Final Fantasy VII or Legend of Dragoon forcing you to swap discs at certain points in the game. Why do people complain now? L.A. Noire isn't even be the first 360 game with this requirement. Final Fantasy XIII came on three discs as well. Heck, Lost Odyssey came on four! It's really just not that bothersome and sitting down all day isn't very healthy, anyway.

It seems like a majority of the people voicing their opinions on this issue are PlayStation 3 owners who are pointing towards having to swap discs as a "problem" for the Xbox 360 that their console does not face. What's odd is that you rarely hear these same people mention the fact that so many PS3 games must be mandatorily installed before playing them. This can sometimes take hours depending on the game.

Would you rather have to wait hours to install a game before playing it or take thirty seconds to swap a disc halfway through the story? The answer to that one seems obvious.


Im not tryn to stir up trouble or anything but article does make few good points.