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Vetteman94 said:
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zarx this won't be as confusing as teh dbz game :P

What was confusing about dbz game?

everything. For example, Heph thought he found a loophole, but I told him he was wrong. However, it did coincidentally lead to killing a mafia.

And then Goku came back to life and died the same day. And the last mafia was like voteless and unkillable or something weird like that. I don't quite remember. :P

I was unkillable but it was a 2 shot ability since I got my wish from the Dragonballz,  I technically had a NPC bodygaurd that took my place when I got lycnhed.

were you vegeta?

Yeah vegeta had nappa as a bodyguard, and got a wish that allowed nappa to come back and be his bodyguard again.


But then there was also Broly, who was unlynchable once.

Yes I was Vegeta,  Broly was Trucks,  we still should have won that game.  Im still kinda bitter about it

I think I might reread it for the lulz. But haha, you're still bitter? Why? Cuz broly had no vote?