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lmao @ bold name one thigh worse than credit car theft that they announced even though that's not even the point

and they didn't CONFIRM anything to be stolen, data MAY have been compromised and data HAS been compromised are two VERY different things

and you can own all the consoles in the world and still be a pathetic fucking loser fanboy only interested in spreading FUD...........not that your a pathetic fucking loser fanboy only interested in spreading FUD because you Kasz216 are NOT a pathetic fucking loser fanboy only interested in spreading FUD others are...but NOT you

and fuck no the psp controls suck balls imo





 FUD ........fucking FUD ...lmao so pathetic it's funny

Yeah, that post totally makes you sound like a completely reasonable person who doesn't care about the PSN hack.  You totally don't sound angry.  Seriously, take a deep breathe, and try and figure out why your so angry that security analysts and reporters are worried about peoples saftey from Identity theft.  I mean, mods do have sarcasm detectors afterall.

As for the rest... there are plenty of threads that you've posted in that have already explained it.

Also, the PSP rules.

In my book it's the best Handheld system ever made and my favorite games platform of the generation.

I used it more then my PS3/360 and Wii combined in the last 2-3 months.  I'm not even sure i've turned on my 360 in the last 2-3 months.

typical Kasz, you rarely if ever comment on the actual topic and pussy foot around it with such grace people reading wouldn't even know what the issue was, your good, I'll give you that

anyway, reporters and analysis don't give a shit about anything but hits which is why they throw around false bullshit data. 23 billion dollars was made off the pretense that there are 77 million users that would have to be reimbursed even though there is no fucking way in hell the actual number of psn users is even remotely close than that especially given ps3 global user base being no where near that amount and anyone that think it is are fucking retarded and devoid of any logic what so ever. but these analysis aren't retarded or devoid of logic, there just asshole who want hits. I mean look how many people that actually  take the 23 billion dollars serious.

and reporters have done nothing but blow this way out of proportion and troll for hits, telling people that Sony said info has been stolen even though there's not only been no evidence of people info being taken but the NEVER said that, they said may have been compromised and precautions should be taken, all for fucking hits and to spread FUD to cause mass panic.

as for the rest, that is exactly why it shouldn't be hard to find that info and post it, you brought it up now prove it or you don't know what the fuck your talking about which is in fact the truth which coincides with my first point

If analysits didn't care about giving accurate data... they wouldn't have jobs.  Since you know... an analysts job is to give accurate data.

Also, yeah it is easy to come up with, but was trying to stay somewhat on topic.  If you insist to keep taking this off topic.

"Sophisticated data thieves have moved beyond stolen credit cards and use personal info like birthdates and home addresses to open bank accounts, obtain medical services or collect other people's unemployment checks."



So yeah... much worse then having to dispute a few minor credit issues.  Heck they could open entirely new credit cards in your name, take out lines of credit... etc... etc.

lmao people look he believes that total baseless horse shit hahahahahahahahaha like I said in a another thread your so not worth it

did you even read that shit

"The fact that many of Sony's 77 million compromised accounts likely include teenagers and young adults makes it worse, she says, because they may not know their data was compromised for years, compounding Sony's potential liability." <------I almsot pissed myself at that part hahahahahahaha

What about that doesn't make sense to you?  Younger people means they will have to offer credit checks and other such things longer.   Usually a company will offer like... 3-5 years starting either right away... or when you come of age to where credit fraud is an issue.  If they don't... they usually do after a settlement.  Companies pay by bulk for cheaper.... having younger people means you have to offer it for more years, at more cost.

I mean, you can keep ignoring the experts if you want... but you only look ignorant... because you know... experts.  About something you know zero about.

I mean heck, you're argueing with Gnizmo... who is in fact... an expert.  You can keep raging and spinning... but intellectual dishonesty is fairly eaisly sniffed out.

that entire.....ENTIRE..... from start to finish article was NOTHING but speculation which is what being an analysis is about, educated specuation, but specualtion non the less, and when speculation presented as fact with then becomes bullshit, and gizmodo is and expert??? fucking news to me