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Ivol said:
Tizona said:

Exactly! I've been finding deals on all the old games I never got the first time, going through my favorites again, and generally having a blast while not spending $60 on the newest hype-fest this week that'll last 10 hours until the next hypefest drops. It's fun to be playing games. Just finished Windwaker again, and now I'm trying to get through all the damn temples in DKCR ( if i don't break all of my wiimotes in frustration first!)

A thousand times THIS!


....i recently bought Hotel Dusk, Chronno Trigger and Ace Attorney: TT for 45 bucks and i'm having a BLAST on my 3DS (yeah i know they're not in 3D but i've never had a DS so ALL the games are new to me)

The two games I mentioned in the first post Pokemon Ranger (17)and Prof Layton(10) The deals on games even in the pond shops are nice for those games you want to try but havent whether that was because of the price, or just didnt have a chance. A bit longer all these DS games will be able to be found and a lot of times at bargin prices because of the 3DS coming out.